Top High Domain Authority Social Bookmarking Website List

Bloggingorbit shares best guidelines to use of Social Bookmarking website. In this, you’ll know what social bookmarking is, the benefits of social bookmarking and what to do ethically to get more visibility.

When we bookmark an online website link on the internet, we can publicly access the link anywhere. In social networks, people can tag links, pictures, and videos in their favorites.

With Social Bookmarking, you can get backlinks as well as referral traffic. Before Google Penguin update people were sharing their website links on hundreds of social bookmarking website but now this type of linking is harmful to the website.

At present, Google prefers the website which is having quality backlinks and content. So if we list a website on a high domain authority social bookmarking website then it is counted in positive notes. Below are the high quality Social Bookmarking website links:

Social Bookmarking Website ListDomain AuthorityPage Authority

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Benefits of Social Bookmarking sites

  1. To index a new website or blog social bookmarking website plays an important role.
  2. Social Bookmarking website helps to get backlinks for the website.
  3. For banding and promotion of a blog, Social Bookmarking always matters.
  4. This technique is not counted in black hat SEO technique; it’s purely in white hat SEO technique.
  5. Creating links through Social Bookmarking it very easy. You just signup in the account then log in and bookmark the link.

Tips to do Social Bookmarking in Ethical way

  1. Once you start social bookmarking then choose high domain authority sites only.
  2. Try to write a unique Title and Description on every social bookmarking website.
  3. Traffic coming from these sites is mostly worthless.
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