Write Better Title and Meta Description for SEO that Converts

How to Write a Better Title and Meta Description for SEO

Title and Meta Description are the two most important and basic steps you take to target your page content for a keyword.

You may have provided a title and meta description to target a keyword. But are they serving the purpose?

Read through this article to understand the process of devising the right title and meta description for SEO and the keyword you are targetting.

In this article, we shall go through the steps to be taken while preparing an appropriate Title and Meta Description for the page content keeping the target keyword in mind.

But, first, let’s understand why Title and Meta Description is important.

Why Title and Meta Description for SEO is Important?

Title and Meta Description are important because they are the face of the article in Search Engine results.

They are the first impression of your page. We shall try to make it better with the tips and tricks we present in this article.

Title – <title>


Meta Description – <meta name="description" content=".....">

can be found in the <head></head> tag of your webpages.

Using the Keyword in Title and Meta Description is Known. But What Are We Missing?

Including the keyword in the title and meta description is a well-known fact to everyone, for targeting the keyword.

But using only the keyword as title and meta would look like keyword stuffing.

Any search engine would not be interested in presenting this result to their users.

If by chance a search engine displays, no user would be interested in clicking this entry.

Building Title and Meta Description Around the Keyword

Every keyword would have a context. You need to build a phrase around the keyword that servers two purposes.

  • Attract users to click on the search result.
  • Signal the search engines about the right targetted keyword.

The phrase you build with the keyword should sport the context with which most of the users may search.

For example, the keyword we are targeting in this article is the “title and meta description for SEO”. We did not use this keyword as it is in the title nor meta description.

let’s understand it with an example.

Example to Write a Good Title for SEO

We built a phrase with the context: “How to Write a Better Title and Meta Description for SEO?”.

This kind of phrase will interest the user in reading the meta description further or click on the search result.

The keyword alone makes an impression of level 0. We need to strike at a deeper level of the user’s thinking with the context build around the keyword.

We need to let the user understand that this article serves a specific purpose.

We have achieved our goal with the title. Our title attracted users to click on the search result.

Also by including the keyword in the title, we signaled the search engines about the topic we are discussing in the article.

What’s Next! The Meta Description

The next thing to be taken care of is the Meta Description.

Search Engines display a small amount of summary or quick description to let the user get an idea of what is going to be discussed in the article.

Users that are attracted to our entry in a search result through the title also read the description.

Now our target should be to convince the user that he/she is going to get what they came for. We should make them feel that this is the destiny of the keyword they searched.

Remember that a user takes less than a second or two for each entry in the search result. The description has to be so simple and elegant so that the user understands with very little difficulty.

If you do not provide a meta description, search engines take a piece of text from the content that best describes the article for the keyword. This should never happen.

You know what is best as a description of the article you write. The content on the page is your work. You decide what is appropriate and best for the article.

The Description Might Not be Apt

Sometimes, in the search result, the search engines may display a different description other than that you provided, for a keyword.

If this is the keyword that you targeted in the article, and the search engine is picking a different description, then this is a signal.

You did not write your meta description for the keyword. It is time to change it.

Hope the post has helped you to understand the importance of title and meta description for SEO and how to create a search engine optimized title and meta description for your article.

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